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Maintaining a healthy work culture  that keeps the entire team motivated and enthused, can be a tough task for other Institutions. But in St. Lawrence we are highly blessed working under/with Renowned and Innovative Educationist Dr M.K. Sehgal who always insist and make us believe that We all(as a team) are together.

He always lays stress for his team to feel energised at all times, to enjoy what they’re doing and love working for students and organisation.

Getting Inspired by his innovative vision today our team of St. Lawrence arranged the very first Theme based Pot Luck Lunch with Motto We all are together  in the benign presence of Esteemed Chairperson Dr Rajni Sehgal, Worthy Managing Director Dr M.K. Sehgal and Respected Manager Adv. R.C. Sharma.  Principal R. S. Wadhwa explained that we all know Eating together, either with catered food or team potlucks, is a tried and tested team-building exercise used across the world for decades. 

Dr Rajni Sehgal in her address stated that  Bonding over shared meals is an activity well-endorsed by psychologists for better child development, stronger family ties and friendships – and the same could be the key to a happier office!

Our Chief Mentor Dr M.K. Sehgal said that Eating meals together, as a team, not only has a positive impact on productivity and team dynamics, it also offers different verticals of your office a chance to interact with each other in an informal setup.

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